• Passeatta Personalised - Gift Voucher

Passeatta Personalised - Gift Voucher

29,90 €   VAT (IVA) included

Give someone a unique and original gift; the opportunity to express what they believe in! 

By giving someone a Passeatta Personalised Tee they can choose what message they want to put on their tee, as well as personalise the colours of the shirt and the message!

Just complete the order as you would if you were buying a shirt. Then, in SHIPPING ADDRESS, enter the address of the person you're giving your gift to. That way we can calculate the correct postage. But remember, if you buy more than one tee postage is free! 

Make sure you enter your EMAIL ADDRESS when you check out as we'll email your voucher to you!

(If you are buying something for yourself and also a voucher, enter your own address as the shipping address.)